Is there any way to default cells to wrap text & optimize row height?

Would prefer this to be the default setting for a spreadsheet, but failing that to be the default setting for a column.


  • Open a new Calc document
  • View -> Styles (or F11)
  • Click icon leftmost (beneath word Styles)
  • Right click on Default (Cell Style) -> Modify - Tab: Alignment
  • Set option [x] Wrap text automatically
  • Click OK
  • File -> Templates -> Save as Template...
  • Provide a Template Name (e.g MyCalCDefault)
  • Select a Template Category (e.g My Templates)
  • Important: Set option [x] Set as default template
  • Click Save
  • Close the document (No further save required)
  • Open a new document an test you settings.

PS: Optimal row height should be the default

Hope that helps.

Perfect answer re: formatting the cells to wrap text.

But doesn’t address row height … which doesn’t seem to be optimizing by default.

Row height did automatically adapt to the text length in my test, but of course I did not know any settings of your previous default template and the method works for new files only.

See the answer at /question/282179/.

/question/282179/ has no real answer, but it’s better to discuss the issue there. Has a bug report been filed?