Is there any way to export calc spreadsheet with transparent background?

I have tried exporting as png and checking save transparency. That didnot work. I just want text in my final image. Except I get text on a white background.

Any python script to do so will also be highly appreciated.

Just a tip:
Export it into a normal .png file, and then set the transparent color with a third party image manager software, like the irfanView.

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Thanks. But I am trying to automate it from python. I will try that.

Look at this old question, How can I export a spreadsheet as an image with an alpha channel background?. It still works for but not for

Export as svg works in LO

Also posted bug Bug 153372 - Text dropped when exporting embedded spreadsheet as png

[Edit 2023-05-14 ]
Bug 153372 has been resolved for LibreOffice by the fix for tdf#153672

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yeah it works this way. but its hard to automate. I want it done by a python script. and UNO is just hard. very hard. havent found a good explanation on uno objects and how to use them. Even chat GPT fails to give resonable solution to this question.