Is there any way to export mp4 from odp?

I am using Libreoffice under Debian 9 Linux.
I am a bit in a hurry and want to know whether I can export odp-files to mp4 movie file and possibly add an audio track to it?

According to the answers I tried to install OBS-Studio under my Debian Linux. but that almost completely failed due to non installable elements like various codecs etc.

Impress itself does not offer this possibility.

An external tool, e.g. a screencast programm, allows you to record your slides and add audio (voices).

I use Camtasia for this myself.

thanks, I found also a way of converting (exporting) the file at an online tool: - although not shown it converts ppt files to mp4.

moreover I try ffmpeg - but find difficulties to install it under Debian 9 Linux