Is there any way to follow news on LibreOffice Online?

There have been some tantalizing glimpses of the ambition of LibreOffice to provide an Office365-like system for people to host on their own servers - particularly is coming soon. However, I don’t know of a single place I can follow what work is being done on this.

It strikes me as being a fantastic addition to LibreOffice, and with real-time collaboration for authorised users I’d drop both Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive in an instant, but I can’t find anything more up-to-date than last year.

There is a brief history of links to announcements regarding the LibreOffice Online (LOOL) service in this alternate forum thread.

News on LibreOffice development can be found here:

There hasn’t been any update on LibreOffice Online for a long time, presumably because of “Lack of manpower, volunteers and/or funding” (quote from: