Is there any way to have the page number of the page where an endnote reference is made automatically included in the actual endnote?

Example, on page 22 of a document.

Blah, blah, blah … blah.1(endnote reference)


  1. (p. 22) more blah, … blah.

In this case the 22 in (p. 22) would be automatically inserted and updated if the endnote reference moved to another page.

There exists no automated way to get it. But you can set a reference on the endnote anchor (the little superscript number in the text) and insert the reference in the endnote. It will adapt when the endnote anchor moves to a different page.

Mark the endnote anchor, menu Insert > Cross Reference, type Set Reference. Enter a name, OK. Then in the endnote itself menu Insert > Cross Reference, type Insert Reference. Select the name from the list Selection and kind Page from the list Insert Reference to.

Thank you for your reply. Not quite what I was hoping for, obviously, but doable since I only have a few endnotes. I don’t see this ability (to automatically) do this in an older version of MS Word either–perhaps, wishful thinking on my part. Although, I can definitely see a need for the page number to be added; in one book I just read, all endnotes were indicated by page number and there were lots of them.


Excellent question, I have the same request. This workaround is already quite good.

I would add that to streamline the experience for the reader, we don’t even need endnote numbers, neither in the text, nor in the endnote list. I’ve seen this in a book, and it’s probably the cleanest referencing system I’m aware of.

So my question becomes: is there any way to hide the endnote fields in the text, and in the endnote list? The endnote list would contain only page numbers.

Thank you.