Is there any way to make batch font changes to only a particular type or size of font?

For instance, if I want to increase the size of all 12 pt fonts to 14 but leave everything else alone. Or I want to change only bold fonts to italics. Or just Ariel to Ariel Black. Or, for that matter, all 12 pt fonts to bold.

I’m actually anticipating that the answer is “No”, but that raises the question of “Why not?” It seems like that would be a pretty useful and requested feature.

The best way to do this is to use styles. Example If you have one style set up for 12pt font and this is used for all 12pt font in your document, then you can change that style to some other font or format and update all text that was in that style in your document.

For more details on how to use styles check the user guide.
Documentation page

Thanks for the reply. What I was hoping for was something more on-the-fly than that. In a pre-existing 60 page document with a title, a picture and then text on each of the 60 pages, for instance, to change the font size on just the text or just the title I’d have to apply a style to every existing instance of text or title. That would be 60 times. If I wanted to change all instances of italics to bold italics, I’d have to first apply the style to all italicized text throughout the 60 pages.

It would be nice if you could highlight some text, perhaps right-click on it, and be shown a pop-up that showed all of the attributes of that text. Change any attributes in the pop-up and click “Apply” and all instances of the text with those original attributes would be changed.

I know this isn’t a forum for suggestions, but I was hoping something like that already existed and I just couldn’t find it.

It is simple using Menu/Edit/Find & replace [Ctrl+H], after select eg Italics in ‘Format’, and with ‘Find All’, all italics are selected, now you can change the format for the selected text.