Is there any way to preview odt files in Windows Explorer?

I’ve seen this asked a few times but each had some extra situation that I don’t have so I’m going to make a new post.

I use Libre Office for a lot of writing stuff, and I save things just as default odt. I still have the preview icons and sometimes I can go off of those when searching, but they are way too small for me to skim through tons of documents trying to find a certain one. I’m on Windows 10 and Version I’ve already saved almost 300 documents, so switching to a different saving method is out of the question and would take way too long.

There is no (and never was) such feature in LibreOffice (Or Also, it is unlikely to happen soon - there’s no one working on such a feature. If something exists, it must be some external tool. See also here.

I had the same problem. I finally figured out that I had to have an instance of MS Word open and then I could preview .odt files in explorer.

Then, for some reason, that stopped working. I was stumped until I tried creating a LibreOffice document as administrator. That worked for me. I can now view .odt files in explorer. I am using Windows 7

By the way, I have no issues viewing .odt files on my Windows 10 machine

I hoped that helped anyone else who is having the same issues. I like the preview because I don’t have to open file up to see whats on it.

Hi thanks for your comment.

Please consider removing the line “By the way, I have no issues viewing .odt files on my Windows 10 machine” as it is a little confusing and doesn’t really add anything to what you have said.

Or maybe change it to “I have no issues viewing .odt files now on my Windows 10 machine now after creating a LibreOffice document as administrator.”

Just a suggestion and trying to make it easier for others to understand what you did in the future. :slight_smile:

Regards, Robert