Is there any way to turn on auto bullet and numbering like OnlyOffice and Google Docs in LibreOffice Writer?

And I’m using the latest stable LibreOffice

Edit your question to describe “auto-bullet like OnlyOffice and Googl Docs”. Don’t assume everybody is familiar with the default settings of those suites (at laest, i am not). Dexcribe the appearance of the end result. Also tell how the “auto” feature is triggered: which key combination or which character sequence in the text.

This additional information is not a solution to your problem. So, don’t use an answer but substantially the Edit link under your question.

Okay, so it is very simple. You can try with Google Docs yourself. Just type 1 and then period and space. Then press enter and you get another line written ‘2.’ already. No need to move the mouse to the option. Just asking if there’s any way to turn that on. However, you should try it at

So, is there no way at all?

Add the clarification you added in your comment to the body text. Do not expect users to go out for them self to try other software just to try to understand what you mean. Be clear and helpful, and clear and helpful answers are more likely to come. Until then, there may be no way at all, indeed.