Is there no button ”text anchor“ that we can add to the toolbar “text editing”?

It is a pretty standard button in other applications: cf. screenshot of a google-presentation where you see the button “position middle”.image description
I was in “Libre Office” Impress.
I drew a rectangle using the rectangle icon at the bar bottom of Impress: draw shapes, rectangle, ellips.
Then I used the “Text” button next to the ellips button.
The text appears at the top of the rectangle I marked for typing the text.
I found that by using “text anchor” - selecting the middle, the text positioned where I wanted it to be. cf screenshot.

I wanted to add a shortcut to my “view->toolbar->text formatting” but that button doesn’t exist? Strange because it is a very common button part of 3: top position, middle position, bottom position.
Couldn’t find anything in the help either, nor in this “ask your question”.

Thank you.

You would need 9 buttons. You can use the “center” button with the red up-down-arrow from the “table” category as workaround. But that sets only the vertical alignment and cannot remove it and you need another button for horizontal alignment.

I would generate a style with the desired setting and apply it, when ever you need a centered text. Or you write a macro to make the settings and assign a button to that macro.