Is there, or will there ever be any support for "reveal codes"?

As in the LEGACY free plug-in CrossEyes used for MicroSoft Office WORD.
Up to Word-2010. You cannot run this software in later versions of MS Word

This would finally give die-hard $$$WordPerfect users an opportunity to try using some sort of “reveal codes” in Linux,
since Corel is not interested in any further Linux development of WordPerfect.
(And don’t tell me to try WINE. I already have> :wink:

What is “reveal codes”? what did that “CrossEyes” do? It’s unclear from the first glance on their page; and I don’t have time to seek. A question must contain everything in it, not rely on others investigating what was asked.

Reveal codes was like the equivalent of viewing source in an HTML/CSS WYSIWIG editor. You had extensive control which was novel in those early days. Usually I used it to remove buggy formatting that wouldn’t go away. These days the GUI handles most of this stuff well enough that I don’t miss reveal codes from WordPerfect. Technically the source code of LO documents can be viewed inside the zipped document container, but it’s cryptic XML, and you could easily break a document by editing the code.

Heh, just save the document into a Flat ODF format, and feel free to use your footgun editing the “revealed” XML codes :wink:

One reason software doesn’t “reveal codes” much these days is that they don’t want to support users who ruin their documents by messing up the source, and then the techs are tasked with an impossible help task. While there are some skilled users who could benefit from such a feature, too many others would get themselves into trouble if it was easily accessible. Imagine how many Qs would appear here, “I accidentally deleted my code. Help!” Kinda like TVs shipped with screwdriver & soldering iron.

@aqk, if you have the “code bug” you can see the XML source code for any LO document, but it’s not offered as a “toggle” within the app. Also, there is a whole world of frustrating “fun” available in the form of macros that can rip apart (or add functionality to) any document. I’m “playing” with that right now in LO Base. You can even “fix” LO itself by contributing to the community if you want. That’s kinda the idea of “open source” software.

For those who might … I would not discount the ability of experienced users to solve many difficult formatting problems by using “reveal codes”. For an intelligent user, it was a powerful tool. It also made it possible to figure out why it was not possible to do certain things. For the in-experienced user, only certain things were possible through reveal codes and I can’t recall anyone ever “messing up” a document by abusing reveal codes. Personally, I miss it.

It is a shame that Corel is not interested in Linux. But what do I care … I have almost completely abandoned WordPerfect because of persistent formatting bugs in their QuattroPro spreadsheet component. Fortunately, LO Calc is never as annoying as QuattroPro was! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll take all the above as my answer.
And assume that Reveal Codes is not in LO’s future! :wink:
The query was not for me, but for a Windows-XP friend who I’m trying to upscale to Ubuntu. But he insists on using WordPerfect because of its Reveal Codes.
Note that I also used WPerfect’s “reveal codes”, but back when it was DOS-based, and I slowly managed to wean end-users off of good ol’ WordStar for DOS (much to the CTRL-freak macho director’s chagrin - he though a mouse was effete).
And then, twenty years later (yeah, at a new jobsite) I slowly weaned end-users off of Lotus 123 - they were already using WordPerfect for Windows - and onto the inexpensive Quattro-Pro in place of 1-2-3.
Then… the suits walked in (*#%* consultants!) and started asking why no one was using MS-Office. “It’s EVERYONE’S STANDARD!”. And then promptly chucked the Corel and 1-2-3 stuff, and had everyone (SLOWLY!) converted to MS-Office.
Then I retired. Several months later the company went out of business. Any wonder?
If I wasn’t retired and had a job in IT, i’d be pressing them to chuck MS-Office, and go to LibreOffice! And, of course convince the bosses/bean-counters to donate to this “free” LibreOffice! :wink:

I’ve run the software gamut too. My word perfect experience was also in the DOS era. At the time it was easily the superior word processor by far. I was also a Corel Draw advocate from the early days of versions 3 to 8. Reveal codes were not risky at all for WP. I was more referencing the LO open document format which is xml based and a bit more code heavy. Edit those codes and you could easily have a mess on your hands unless you are fairly savvy. I have edited the xml a few times though.

Shrug, … I still miss WordStar. I loved the control diamond, and the ^Q and ^K keysets. I even years later wrote an editor called ForthStar that used this layout. IMHO, the mouse is such a slowness compared to moving by the keyboard.

Ha! I still miss Easytrieve. From the VM/VSE days.
And as for a “mouse being slow”, I am sure you have seen the contest between punk… uh, I mean, “young lads” texting a message, and some “old timers” sending the same message with Morse code.
You can guess who won.