Is there some function which would allow me to convert a number to number name and currency name?

number to number name and currency name conversion.

I currently use the LibreOffice Extention NumberText to spell out dollar amounts for checks, receipts, and other official documents and it does exactly what I require…

Sadly it is no longer maintained and will not install on LO…Still have a copy of 4.0 around on an ancient old netbook which allows me to do the job for now, but this old machine is near the end of life and I need to upfate both HW and SW soon.

You probably are not the authors of NUMBERTEXT, so I am not necessarily asking to update.
Rather, could I ask you to consider this a FEATURE REQUEST. There must be other users out there that us LO to write checks…

Discovered an Excel VBA function that supposedly does the job also, but am not knowledgeable enuff to know how to rewrite it to work with LO, )link below)
Many thanks.

Trying to make VBA stuff run mostly means a lot of troubles - and ends up with time wasted and no working result.

Yes - I had a hunch that was probably the case…As Lupp mentioned, he was successful in getting the Numbertext function installed in a newer version of LO. I will try that suggestion later.

I just took the risk to install that extension "Numbertext 0.9.5 (Dec 06, 2012) " to my LibreOffice 4.3.5 and it worked flawlessly for a short testing. Maybe there was a bug in LibO 4.2.6.

I would in any case suggest to update to the current 4.3.5. There were a lot of bugs fixed sinde the 4.2 series.

Thx for the input. My 4.2.6. came bundled with the new Linux Mint 17.1 released a month or so ago.

Assumed (which is not always a good thing) that the SW was reasonably current.

Will give it a try later.

Debian based distributions, I think, tend to rather rarely update and to discourage the user to install from ‘alien’ packagers. May they have their way. But in this case they may have prolonged the life of a rather fresh (and still buggy) version beyond a reasonable measure.
works fine with LO4.3.5 and also with LO4.2.7