Is there something like quickbooks in libre office?

I have a business and was just wondering if there is a program in libre office that is very similar to quickbooks???

LibreOffice is a general productivity suite with word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, database and math software. It is an excellent alternative to proprietary suites like Microsoft Office, as it is better in many ways and much more future proof.

A popular alternative to Quickbooks is GnuCash:

GnuCash is probably the best answer. However, I tried several alternatives to Quicken/QuickBooks and settle on Moneydance software. Unfortunately, it is no open source like GnuCash

A program that I have started using is called Grisbi and is available at This is a free Personal Finance Management program that I found to be easier to use than gnucash.

It is available for Linux (Numerous Distros), Mac OSX and Windows.