Is there something on Libre Office that is like Publisher on Microsoft

I am trying to make a brochure for school, and I started typing on it a school where we have Windows 7, but when I tried to open it on my computer (which is Window 10 and was pre-downloaded with Libre Office) it asked me to buy Office so I could use Publisher. I was wondering if there was a substitue for Publisher like there is for Word and Power Point.

The LibreOffice Draw application will allow you to do page layout-type things like putting text boxes where you want them but it is quite limited. A better option in the free and open source category is Scribus ( or Inkscape ( Paid options include the very nice VivaDesigner ( and PageStream ( VivaDesigner is undergoing beta test on it’s v9 release and it is looking very nice. I even got a 3 month free trial on the v9 for OS X (there’s a Windows version, too).