Is there tool to open .doc only for viewing?

In most cases I get and open .doc (writer) files only for reading and no need any editing features. Seems it’s not possible in LibreOffice to open .doc file in view mode only. So maybe there is another tool for Linux to do this? I tried to google for such app and can’t lookup anything.

In ideal I want to use Okular for opening .doc files. Nothing extra.

Maybe such tool can be added to LibreOffice? I think such feature will be useful for many users. Many books, documents and other things intended for reading can be found in .doc (not .pdf) format.

You can open the document as Read-only, but you need to use the File - Open procedure for that, so you can tick Read only in the dialog window.

Also there is --view command line argument.

Gnome Documents use LibreOffice as its backend to show the documents.