Is this a bug? I get extra space around the musical flat symbol

I often need to enter musical characters like ♭ and ♯. In every font, the flat symbol (♭) has a bunch of space around it. I don’t see the same problem with the sharp symbol. It doesn’t look to me, actually, like LibreOffice Writer is using my selected font for this symbol, but a “generic” symbol which doesn’t change when I change fonts.

I’m typing these characters using a program called “WinCompose” but the flat symbol is U+266D and I can get the same result by typing (into the document) 266D and then [Alt-x], or by copying the symbol ♭ and pasting it into Writer.

I’m on Windows 10 and I’m currently running Writer version: (x64)

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a character unsupported by LibreOffice? I didn’t have any trouble typing it in this message.

Not all fonts support all characters. For example, the Liberation fonts used in LibreOffice’s default template do not have the flat symbol, but Libertinus font does. If you pick a symbol not supported by your font of choice, LibreOffice will use a substitute font and that will give you problems with character spacing, style, etc.

Thank you, I tried probably 20 fonts but apparently this character is rarely included. DejaVu has it; I can use that.