Is this a bug?

Well, I’m not a programmer or something like that, but I have notice a constant crash (suddenly shutdown) in Libreoffice Calc when I try to move the little squares of graph labels with the right keyboard arrow. I’m using the version, Debian 10 and KDE Plasma 5 as desktop environment, and this happens every time a reproduce this action. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea of how to report a bug and my system doesn’t send the information automatically.

This are the “little squares”:image description

After that, I press right arrow and bummm!!! I lost my work.

Before you report that as a bug perform the action while running in LibreOffice’s Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode). If that doesn’t happen in Safe Mode, you probably have a corrupted user profile and you should reset to factory settings.

Checked on my Windows system and it crashed as well - so it is a bug.

Dear @Osk-8900,

I ever reported several bugs while I was using Fedora 31 & 32 KDE Plasma 5 Desktop Spins.
Finally I found that the problems were from KDE5 VCL after I made a U-Turn to Cinnamon Desktop Spins for it has the gtk3 VCL.

Dear @Osk-8900,

It happened in my LO in Fedora 32 Cinnamon Desktop Spins as well.
Holding Ctrl + Left, Right, Up or Down, it shows the warning message.
After clicking OK or closing the dialog, it crashed.