ISEVEN changes alternate row formatting


When I use this (Is there a way to add background color to alternate rows of a table/spreadsheet? - #5 by snison) and other methods found, specifically using ISEVEN(ROW()), it takes away the “center” formatting of the last column (F). When I try to correct this, it only changes the formatting for the even columns.

If I try to justify column C it also only does it for every even column.

How can I color alternate rows but keep formatting per column?


I’m afraid this doesn’t answer the question, if it refers to mariosv’s reply. What exactly does that mean, “set up one style for every different column format”? Even after defining and applying a new style to an entire column, applying the ISEVEN(ROW()) conditional formatting overrides any pre- or post-defined styles.

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You need to set up one style for every different column format.