Isn't Calc supposed to open with a blank spreadsheet?

I noticed recently that Calc opens with 12 tabbed sheets from a file I frequently update, with a blank 13th sheet all designated as “Untitled 1”. File/New does the same thing. Is this a trick or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Please @Mike97470, what is the Operating System and LibreOffice version?

Windows 7 and LibreOffice Version

Is it possible that you did “save as a template” under the file menu. Then went into the template manager and set that file as your default spreadsheet?

If my suspicion is correct, to set a new template, you will have to clear all of your sheets in your work book. Delete all of them but one, then create a new sheet, then delete the final sheet that has data on it. You should now have a blank sheet.

Now File Menu, Save as a template, perhaps call it “normal”. Exit the template manager then go back into the template manager, click on the spreadsheets tab, then select the “Normal” template and set as your default.

If you did save your 12 sheet spreadsheet as a template and it is set as the default, you may see it under the spreadsheet tab in the template manager. If you select it, you can delete it.

I did a test by setting a default file, it opens with several spreadsheets titled “untitled 1”. I did delete it but now I get an error that the template file doesn’t exist, however, a blank file opens. @mariosv, would this be considered a bug?

If you get the error, I suggest creating a blank spreadsheet in the templates to then set as your default.

I’m using Win 7 with LO

Thank you Rugslug, Thank you.
I don’t remember messing with Templates, but I do remember at some point the LO updates defaulted the spreadsheet to a miniscule 18pt with correspondingly vanishing small cell sizes, so I must have done something to fix that.

Anyway, when I couldn’t find the Template Manager I deleted the garbage template from
AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\template, it would have better to use the Template Manager:

If you look here:
You will look a long time trying to find the Template Manager at File - Templates - Organize (error).
Instead look at File/New/Templates and that will get the Template Manager.