Issue in form fields when being saved as rtf

We added form fields in libre office and saved it in a .rtf file format. When we tried to open these .rtf files using libre office, these form fields are being displayed simply as a string.

Also, I’m attaching a .docx file which contains the content of the mentioned .rtf file for reference. (As .rtf is not one among the allowed file format to upload here in this site):


Thanks in advance!

(edit: fixed docx to allow download)

All software solutions in the known universe must support some other format. Don’t use RTF.

On a more serious note, why do you use rtf? Is there some software which requires it? Do you manually edit the encoding? Just a habit?

What fields are you using? Have you verified that those field types can be represented within rtf?

All wordprocessing software east of Apple Pages support LibreWriter’s native format, odt. If your main wp software is Writer, you should use odt as your work format.

All wordprocessing software support different incarnations of the rtf non-standard to differing degrees, it seems.