Issue when opening docx in libreoffice

I want to use libreoffice writer to read and write ms word documents. The first step will be to open an existing .docx ( msword document ) and check whether it opens properly in writer. Following issue arises.

see image link here.

Need to ensure that it looks like in document ( ) ( first one )

Possible ?

libreoffice : ver 4.2

The following may help to identify what is happening there:-

Feature Comparison between LO-4.0 & MS-Office-2013
(EN (supposed to be SL); the link shows only differences)
Feature Comparison between LO-5.0.1 & MS-Office-2013
(EN; the link shows only differences)

Do not use any LO features that do not appear within M$O & that should help ensure that LO pages look the same under M$O.

LO/OO is not a clone of M$ Office. There are some LO things that will not transfer to M$-Office. You are strongly urged to save in native LO format (eg ODT) & only save to M$-Office format immediately before transfer to use in that program.


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