Issue with LibreOffice Base [DATE] Default Value in Design View

So, I am trying to build a simple database to keep track of club memberships, and one of the required fields is a “Date Joined”. We recently had a membership drive, and I have about 60 new records to add so my plan was to set the Default Value to the date of our meeting and add away.

Then I noticed a strange issue: Each time I save the table in Design view, the default value increments by four days. Click ‘Save’ and [DEFAULT DATE] = [DEFAULT DATE] + 4.

Is anybody else having this issue? Is there something in the behind the scenes settings that I need to change?


You fail to mention LO version and OS. Using LO v5.1.3.2 under xubuntu 16.04 I don’t see any problem using a table control and date column with a default. Comes up the same every time - after save, close, data entry, etc. Change default dates and still OK. Does your problem persist if you change the default? Can you duplicate the problem on another form? Haven’t seen this type of problem before.

I checked on my lap, win10, LO & AOO both portable app, latest version. I created a simple embedded dbase in both versions. a default value in a text column works fine. But in a date column the date entered as default is not working, I created a default date in Belgian Dutch format. 01/07/16 (DD/MM/YY) and when trying to add a record it was not showing this date, it was even a incorrect format , I returned to the design mode and the default date was +4: 05/07/16 ?!

Sorry, can’t help with portable app. On Linux & not set up for it. My desktop version works in date column as mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy and no problems. FYI: LO v5.0 & v5.1 can both be considered current versions yet can be quite different.

Hi Ratslinger, I just wanted to confirm this issue exist as Sparky_77 mentioned. Like I wrote I tested in AOO 4.1.2 & LO 5.1.4 with embedded dbase (both are portable app versions on a USB stick).

Thanks @Michel_1495 I simply didn’t look at the originator. Not knowing @Sparky_77 OS, it may possibly be a Windows version problem. Haven’t found any related bug reports.