Issue with Merged Cells of table on the document


In our application we are using libreoffice 4.3 which is converting a word document in HTML file.
The word file is consisting of table having merged cells according to the data but when it is converted into HTML file the lines for the merged cells in tables do not remain in the accurate location. The column lines are shifted and skewed incorrectly.
This is a big problem for Information responses since there is a large business risk of providing inaccurate and false data if the table lines do not display accurately on the site page.

The bug is also reported for this issue: #Bug 116557

(edit: activated screenshots - AK)

First: if you find a bug, then don’t report it here. This is not a bug tracker, and when you have filed the bug in proper place (as you’ve done), then don’t repeat it here.

Second: a bug in a version that is that old doesn’t make sense. After 4.3, we had 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and current 6.0 (each one except last two had 6-7 minor releases). If you file bugs for that old version, you just waste others’ time. If you need it, you must test with a current version.

Of course, users have to accept that there is no further bugfixing for closed versions (second-digit-level) having reached their “end of life” what’s the strange term release-plans use in that case despite the fact that some of these versions may live happily on millions of computers.
However, there may still be regions in the world where a download of >200MiB doesn’t just need a click and then patience for a few seconds.

So what does that have to do with community developing LibreOffice? If one needs another policy, one can freely fork it, and provide as long-term support for free as one wants. But in reality, in any part of the world, if we talk about “our application” … “large business risk”, then your arguments absolutely miss the point.

I didn’t argument at all. I pleaded for clemency and suggested to consider probably unknown circumstances and to resolve misapprehensions in a de-escalating way. Thus I started my comment with a confirmation concerning yours. I did not intend to suggest @sakshi should proceed in a lordly style.

You are writing as if converting word (sic!) documents to HTML is something that was guaranteed for accuracy. You do so many fundamental mistakes in just a single paragraph!

First, you expect a software that operates on its own filetype (ODF), and also can (to some extent) handle foreign formats, to work ideally with those foreign formats.

Then, you expect that from a very old version, as if all the following versions weren’t meant to try to improve on problems found in the meantime.

Next: you expect others to fix that out-of-maintenance version for free.

Also, you tell about “business risks”, when anyone running a business must realize that any technology needs proper support, and in case of (open) software you need either have enough competence yourself to self-support it, or hire someone to provide that support, or contract a company to do that. The community that develops a software is by no means not an entity that can be held responsible for any business risks you take by using the product. A contracted company can fix bugs you find in a timely manner, for a fraction of cost you would pay for a license of a commercial solution, with the possible bonus that the fixes would go upstream, and everyone would benefit from that.