Issue with Spreadsheet and email addresses

Hello an thank you for a excellent program - that respects our rights to privacy.

One column (D) has 1500 membership email addresses.
Some addresses are showing as blue and some are black.
NOTE: The blue ones have a green check-mark beside the “Input line” the black coloured emails have a “=” beside the “Input line”.

To highlight the whole column, and edit so the black become links instead of a Formulae(?).
Or, any other means except one cell at a time.

It would be great if Search & Replace could do the job - tried but can’t make it work. Must be another way?

Many thanks,
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I’ve played with this a little to try to understand your issue.
Isn’t it the case that if an email address is provided in a cell - even if the address is not a valid one - pressing Ctrl+left mouse click on the cell with the address will generate an email from your email client (Thunderbird in my case in ubuntu 20.04).
Apologies if I have misunderstood your question. In my test sheet the email address in the formula bar is formatted as text.
What have I missed from your question?

email column.ods (8.4 KB)

It will be great if you upload a small file (.ods) with an example.

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If your comment was for me @sokol92 - done as an edit to my comment.

@GrahamLees, I’m sorry, my comment was related to the author of the topic (@Redacted). In your example, everything is fine and we do not see any incomprehensible effects.

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