Issues Creating Reinvestment Spreadsheet

I’m having a few issues making a reinvestment spreadsheet.

The first issue i’m having involves “Dragging down” a formula to quickly paste into new cells in a column.
I want one of the values to increment which it is doing properly. However, I want the second part of the equation to stay at a constant value which is a cell.

For example, Let’s have a column, B, which is a constant value that is set by the user. However, on each new row I would like to multiply by (K4), (K5), (K6), etc. I want the K to increment as it’s doing but B to always equal (B4).

The second issue i’m having is when I change some starting values the whole speadsheet isn’t updating properly. I will manually have to go by hand from (A1) - (A8) pushing F9 on each cell. The the same for each extra row. Some of the values update but it doesn’t seem to update procedurally. I can explain more if this doesn’t make sense, just let me know.

Thank you for any help.

  1. Use the notation $B$4 to give an absolute reference, rather than a relative reference. See this Tutorial on Absolute, relative and mixed references

  2. Check the settings in Tools | Cell Content | Autocalculate.

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Thanks for the info! Solved my issue. And on #2 I think I bugged out my spreadsheet. I closed and re-opened it and it started auto updating properly.

  1. issue: sometimes some cells are excluded from autocalculation … :frowning:
    it happens and disappears by chance,

as of now best solutions are:
use ver. or prior,
‘hard recalc’ by crtl-shift-F9 before trusting results,
observe your results,