Issues torrenting LO 4.x

I’m using a ReadyNAS home storage device in my home office, which has the Transmission BitTorrent client installed. I commonly use it to download and seed torrents for open source projects, such as LibreOffice.

During the 3.x and early 4.x days for LO, I didn’t have any issues, but about the time LO 4.1 came out, I began running into issues with torrenting the files - any time I added a torrent from, Transmission on the NAS will begin the torrent, download it partially, and then crash.

I am not running into this when I torrent files on my MacBook Pro using Transmission. I’ve upgraded, and reinstalled, Transmission on on the NAS to the latest release (2.82).

My usual way around this is to either download it manually, and then seed it, or to remove any bandwidth restrictions in Transmission to hope it downloads in full before it crashes. Once it’s downloaded, seeding becomes stable, and Transmission does not crash any more.

Can anyone think of why torrenting LO would cause Transmission on a linux-based platform to crash repeatedly?

That’s more or less impossible to answer, if at all the Transmission project might be able to help. Transmission behaves bad when it comes to using webseeds - it uses way too many connections for that (at least it used to, hopefully they improved on that). So try to limit downloads to BitTorrent peers (disable the use of regular mirrors, that are also listed in the torrent) - maybe that helps.

Other than that: no idea - closing this one as it’s off-topic to LO itself, but rather is a question for Transmission (but even then people would need some console output/more data to be able to help)