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I guess this is why I rather dread updating to a newer version whenever prompted to do so. As briefly as I can, I do not recall exactly what version I previously had, but I just updated to when prompted and with some functioning changing for the worse (Windows 10 Pro).

Upon amending a Writer document as desired and saving, closing the application, and subsequently reopening it, certain formatting changes undesirably take place. This centers on the removal of text lines by Libre at the end of some pages and moving them to the top of the next page. This results in several additional pages being automatically added to the document, which in turn invalidates the document’s Table of Contents.

Whenever moving the lines back, saving, and closing, the same thing generally keeps on happening when reopening again (It occasionally reopens the way it was saved). In all instances thus far it occurs where the line is the first line of a new paragraph (as per my preference). All widow and orphan controls that I am aware of are unchecked.

And it always repeatedly happens at the very same locations, even though there are many, many other instances of single lines of new paragraphs at the ends of pages throughout the document that it never happens to and that are never affected. I am stumped after countless attempts to try to figure it out on my own first.

Additionally, with this new version all of a sudden tons of temporary files (yet showing 0 bytes) are put onto my desktop by Libre Writer when working on a document and remaining there for quite a long time after finishing. I could not say whether these two issues are related to each other at all, but any feedback that anyone might be able to offer regarding either might be able to help get me back on track with my work.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

…certain formatting changes undesirably take place.

And how do you format, with styles or with the icons in the toolbars (direct formatting)?
It could also indicate that the spacing in the paragraph styles is too large in this case.

In which file format do you save?
What font do you use for your documents?

Additionally, with this new version all of a sudden tons of temporary files (yet showing 0 bytes) are put onto my desktop…

When LibreOffice is closed, no empty files should remain.

Please upload a reduced and anonymized file here with this issue,
so that someone can examine it.


Thank you for your reply. Noting that my settings were not altered from the previously installed version (and I do not recall exactly what version that was) and it seemed to work fine, I can provide you with what I know based on what you asked for:

As for my formatting, because I sometimes come across different ways to format various items, I honestly cannot say whether I have used one method more than the other over time;

I am saving in .odt file format;

I am mostly using Open Sans 12 point throughout the document;

I am using proportional line spacing of 135%;

In referring to the file I sent along, I note again that many, many pages have the same formatting at the bottoms of the pages (only the first line of a paragraph) and are not and never affected. It only seems to be limited to select pages that it continually happens to (all widow/orphan options that I am aware of are disabled).

The first three images in the file show an example of how I finished editing for a session, where consecutive pages meet, and how I saved (and then closed) the document. The next three pages show how the same document displayed, in the same places, when subsequently reopening it.

And last but not least, since starting to try to work with this latest version, my desktop daily becomes similar to that shown in the last image, with oftentimes even more such icons shown on my desktop by the end of the day. And they commonly do not disappear even after closing the Libre application, staying there the rest of the day until turning my computer off for the night, finally being gone the next morning.

While it has worked adequately for my book composition to date, with this latest version update I will have no choice but to abandon Libre and find a different word processor if I am not able to find a way to resolve these issues quite soon. So of course any input or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

The icons are temporary files. The desktop is not the default place to have these, how did the path get changed to be here?

On Windows 10 LibreOffice temporary files should be in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp. You can change the location Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths

BTW the desktop is a somewhat dangerous place to store files, it is not always restored if you have to reset Windows. The Documents folder is unaffected.

Instead of a sample file, you have given screenshots and without formatting marks turned on so they aren’t very useful at all

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The unstable layout can be related to the regression tdf#155177.

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Mike, thanks for your kind response. I researched your reply a bit and saw
the comments by you and others. At least I am fairly sure now that hopefully
it is not something obvious that I have done incorrectly. I will keep an eye
out for any updates and in the meantime maybe move back to version 7.4.0 for
a time as I do need that particular feature. Thank you again. I really
appreciate it.


I do not check a great deal because it is not extremely critical (and I am not even sure of the best place[s] to look to try to find out). Nevertheless, I am delaying some work a bit due to the LibreOffice Writer issue/bug noted above (#155177). Is anyone able to tell me whether this issue/bug has been solved yet and if so when that might have been?

Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate it.

Click on the bug link in mikekaganski’s comment to read the current state.

I do check that link occasionally. But in addition to containing language that I am unable to follow at times, I was not sure whether that was the only and/or best place to try to follow the progress of any discovered issues or bugs. So I will continue to check out the link occasionally, and I thank you very much for your comment.

You can add yourself to the CC list at the top of the bug report and you will get an email every time there is activity in the report.

Terrific information that I was not previously aware of. I have indeed done what you suggested and I am grateful to you. Thank you.