Issues with Excel 2010 Documents Opened in Calc

When I open a large macro-enabled Excel 2010 document in LibreOffice 4.1 Calc, I experience two problems:

  1. All fonts are screwed up; row heights and column widths are radically changed, and any forms controls (buttons, scroll bars, etc) and ActiveX controls are in wrong places.
  2. Application.EnbleEvents = True/False lines in macros produce errors

This happens similarly in Windows 7 and in Fedora 18.

I am wondering if anyone could help me understand what is missing or getting wrong and what can be done about this.

Please, note that Apache OpenOffice cannot even open these Excel documents - gets into hung state indefinitely…


If possible, can you save your file in Excel 2003 XLS format? LO much better support XLS than XLSX.

@aesterkin - This looks not very nice. I would try to make a test using 4.0.4. Can you do this?