Issues with Text overlapping and Images in Headers

The below image is from MS Office. I want to achieve the same result for official documents. the heading in the center and the logo on the left side are part of Headers. This is very easily doable in Excel but seems impossible in Libre Office


I was using LIbre Office as a side product beside MS Office. Recently I decided to uninstall MS Office and shift to LO completely. The immediate thing I started having trouble is with Calc. Some of very important sheets created in MS Excel are not displaying correctly and text seems overlapping in print preview. Also in headers I am unable to add images, which just a matter of clicks in MS Office. This is proving to be a disaster as images in headers are a prime requirement. I am sure your team would be able to solve this issue immediately. Thanks.

The image shows a letter. This is the job of Writer rather than Calc. In Writer, you’ll find all tools and features you need for a letter, even with logos, images and tables.

If your tables are complex spreadsheets, make them in Calc and insert them in the Writer document. You’ll benefit the best of both applications.

In LibreOffice Calc, images cannot be inserted in the header and footer area.

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The image shows a letter. A letter is an elaborate piece of writing where important elements follow each other in logical argumentation trying to demonstrate some quality of convince the reader about the relevancy of the message. This is the job of Writer rather than Calc.

In Writer, you’ll find all tools and features you need for a letter, even with logos, images and tables. Writer manages paragraphs with a flexible layout not hindered by the rigid structure of cells. Conflict between adjacent objects are elegantly resolved with their wrap property.

In Calc, unless you struggle with cell properties which are usually irrelevant if the cells contain only numbers, any cell text overflow will extend at right of cell boundary (in left-to-right writing). But if cell at right contains data, it will overwrite the overflow, taking precedence on it. This may be what you call overlapping text.

Composing a letter with Writer does not prevent you from presenting facts or data in tabular form. Writer tables are primarily intended for text. They have a limited spreadsheet capability but you can anyway insert a Calc spreadsheet (with full Calc capabilities, even the most complex) in your Writer document.

Using the adequate component for your various “objects”, you’ll benefit the best of both applications.

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