Issues with wps file opening in Libreoffice

So recently I got a new laptop and transferred all my files to it. Most of my documents are in wps and I was able to open them in the latest Libreoffice 6.3. However, a few of my documents that I have opened are missing text/info I had on them. I noticed that the documents I’m missing text on had tables in them, however I’ve been able to open other documents that have tables in them with no issues. Is there anyway for me to recover the text/info on those documents?

You need to file a bug report with a sample file.

will look into it, ty

Are your old wps files from MS Works Write, or from WPS Office Writer (aka. Kingsoft)?

If it was MS Works and you are running MS Windows, you could try the advice on this “Computerhope” page. Note that even Microsoft software does not properly support those legacy Microsoft formats. Also, do submit that bug report as suggested by Mike Kaganski (see comments to your question).

If it was WPS Office (or if you are on a non-MS platform), install that suite (even if just as a temporary measure) to handle your files. It may handle Works files (not quite sure, as there are also several different incarnations of the MS wps format), and it allows saving to “modern” Microsoft formats, which LO will handle fairly well. It also claims support for ODF, but I believe that this support is “less than perfect” and limited to text (odt) documents only.

Sorry I should of added more info, its on microsoft works 7 and im running windows 10 64-bit. I know its old and discontinued but i was use to it for so long and i didnt want to change. Anyway i will try your suggestions. ty