It is possible to have more as 10 outline number levels in Writer?

I only see that is possible to use 1-10 outline number levels in LibreOffice Writer, but my question is, if it is possible to extend this number to 11 or 12 ? Thanks, Daniel

No, these levels are internally defined. If you feel brave, you can customise the source code to add more and compile it.

However, IMHO, if you need more than 10 levels, you should analyse your document and think about its structure. Using 10 levels makes the references almost unreadable. There is however a workaround.

Outline levels are meant to end up in a table of contents. In your deep-extended structure (more than 10 levels), not all levels are really worth to enter the TOC (making it overly crowded). Use styles Heading x for what goes to the TOC and some list style (Numbering x or Bullet x) for another 10-levels sub-structure.

If you fall short of levels with Heading x and Numbering 1, you can add Numbering 2, etc. up to Numbering 5, which will give you 60 levels. But, once again, the resulting document will be hard to read and give the impression of a badly designed one.


  • Don’t forget to “activate” list behaviour on paragraph styles Numbering x or Bullet x by associating them with a list style (this is not done by default).
  • Restart numbering at the beginning of a new list with right-click before the paragraph mark and Restart Numbering from drop-down menu.
  • Customise the list style level by level, mainly left indent, so that the list seems to be in continuity with the layout properties of the outline (chapter) paragraphs.
  • You can’t prefix numbering of the list with the one from closest Heading x, therefore there is a break between outline (chapter) numbering and list numbering, i.e. if the list appears in a level-5 section, the section has a 5-components number and the first list item starts with a 1-component number, not a 6-component one.

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Thanks. I think i will not edit this code, because i afraid, that this text will not be compatible in other Writer’s. But you give me some ideas, and let me clear this situation.