It is time to add ePub export/import besides pdf export/import, isn't it?

Hi all,
ePub is an open and a more and more widespread format because it assures an excellent reading experience on medium and small size terminals (tablet, mobile phones and ebook readers, of course).

There are several LibreOffice extensions/plug-ins to export to ePub. I think it is the time to offer this feature natively in libreoffice, very much like it is for pdf export/import.


This thread offers some details on ePUB3 and the related enhancement request to obtain import / export of ePUB is fdo#33226, which contains a number of related links. The lack of interest in that enhancement for the last two years may be indicative of the free / open software world wanting to see how the ebook revolution unfolded. Incentives can always be offered here.

EDIT 2014-06-27: David Tardon has commenced work on developing an EPUB generator. Offers of assistance are always welcome.

This would be a great way to integrate document production online with offline editing in libreoffice.

Lot’s of online systems are starting to use epub as an import / export option as it’s a way of structuring html and images together with a chapter order.

Great idea!