Italic Text has Incorrect Bounding-Box

Whenever I have an italic section of text, the last letter of the text is cut off, as though the section of text is using the non-italic bounding box. Printing is unaffected, it’s just the display in editor. See image:

Operating system: Up to date install of Windows 10. Is there any way to fix it or is it a known bug?

(edit: activated screenshot)

What font are you using?
Does it happen with all fonts?
What is the following character?

OK, I did some testing (Win7) and can see you are using Arial.
I did not see the issue with different font sizes and zoom levels.
But there are currently problems with the font rendering - as you can see by the wacky character spacing.
No ETA on when all the font rendering issues will be resolved (just search the bug tracker for “harfbuzz”).
So yes, it is a bug.

But it does appear to print properly.

Actually, this problem shows consistently both on screen AND in printing. With italics the bug is always present if a letter was added AFTER the space that follows it. Obviously, the bounding box for blank space overlaps the letter which precedes it resulting in part of the letter missing. Most any wide or round letter is subject to this bug: c, a, l, f,…
Further, this problem exists in non-italics too, only harder to catch (I do have a text I typed with numerous examples of cut-off letters).
link text
(I’d attach an image of the bug but don’t see an option for that here.)