italics & track changes bug?

I use Track Changes a lot in Writer 5. Sometimes I’ll find a long number in front of italics that wasn’t there before, like:
543236643 this is some italics text

Sorry, I haven’t kept track of how many digits the numbers are, and I can’t seem to trigger it on purpose. It’s pretty rare that it happens.

One time, it was really bad. LO Writer deleted all text coming after the italics/number bug to the end of the (long) document. It had deleted the text one paragraph at a time, but Track Changes was on, so I was able to Reject each one individually. (Undo was not an option for me because I didn’t know when/what triggered the deletions.)

Has this bug been reported? I know I don’t have enough detail to do a formal bug report.

Does anyone know how to AVOID this issue? (Workaround?) Thanks!

Track changes got many fixes since 5.1, so please check a current version, which is 6.2.5.