Its 2019 already, and still LibreOffice still don't have Autosave option.

World most common feature which is seen everywhere except this platform.

  • Question:

    1. How big deal is this? ans: Pretty big.
    2. But what LibreOffice is waiting for? ans: Gods knows what.

(People what to know)

To answer no. 2 is real easy a MultiBillion Dollar Budget and sufficient Programmers otherwise it will probably only happen when the SUN goes NOVA.

While waiting for the sun to go nova, I have developed the habit of clicking the Save button frequently. I do it with most other programs too and it is easy to do. It soon becomes a habit. It has no doubt saved my skin many times. It is recommended!

If the saving of “Auto recovery information” is enabled (menu Tools > options > load/save > general), LO saves each X minutes a copy of the modified file in your profile path:

You can open or copy this file to roll back the last unwanted, and still not auto saved, changes.
Attention: This backup file is deleted when you close the document in LO.

But your complain is right. It would not be a so big effort to implement the auto save, but this is the world of the Open Source software. Not only for LibreOffice. The developers receive donations from users but they set their own priorities. It is their right, but it is not the good way.
There is a plenty of annoying very old bugs still open after many years, and many small missing features, meanwhile the developers concentrate on a few advanced features, witch 95% of the users don’t use. It is not good for the diffusion of LO and other open source programs.

You can change the path of these Backup files, in the Path options of LO


There are a number of methods to do this using macros and possibly via an extension (basically macros). See my answer in this post for one method → how do you autosave documents