Japanese text in frames not direct to page

With LibreOffice in Windows, I can write Japanese text so that it goes directly to the page. In Linux, LibreOffice, the text appears in a frame (with choices? suggestions?) and I have to do more to make it appear on the page. If I choose different fonts, it does the same thing.

Windows 7, LibreOffice 6 -
Lunux Mint 19, LibreOffice 6 -
Linux input method Fcitx -
Mozc has been added under “configuration” -
Standard IBM PC keyboard with US layout

I haven’t tried different layouts because I want portrait with standard margins.

I can supply more information as needed.
Can anyone help with this?
Thanks in advance

Please, edit your question to add: Windows version, Linux distro name and version, LO version in Windows and Linux.

In Linux, which input method have you configured? Which kind of keyboard is connected to your machine? How is it configured? Can you (must you) switch between several layouts?

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And which input method do you use in Windows? As far as I can tell, the Microsoft IME for Windows and Ibus for Linux work very similarly.

Thanks for the idea, but I tried both Ibus with Mozc and Fcitx with Mozc and they both have the same problem of the Japanese text appearing in frames and requiring extra work for the text to be put onto the page.
I’m assuming the text is in frames, but they could be text boxes. I’m fairly new to Linux so am not that familiar with it yet.

I don’t know if this helps, but when I toggle the virtual keyboard, there is no issue entering text directly to the page with no boxes. So it seems the input method config is a or the problem. That’s with Fcitx and Mozc.
I have the same problem with other text editors in Linux, so it’s not LibreOffice specific.

I remember I tried Fcitx once and was not satisfied. Well, try ibus instead.