Java error in 5.X

I am running windows 7, 64-bit and have the latest LibreOffice ( (x64)) and JRE 64-bit is installed. However, I am getting the “JRE is Defective” error, no matter what I try. Yes, in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Advanced I have Use a Java runtime environment checked and Version 1.8.0_73 selected. I am getting very tired of trying to fix this issue. I am NOT a programmer or developer and do not desire to become one, I just want to use LibreOffice. Do I have any other options other than going back to version 3.X?

LO v5.x 64bit under Windows 64bit requires a MS Visual Studio 2010 C++ 64bit runtime library. Refer tdf#92483.

I installed MS Visual Studio 2010 C++ runtime library and it still reports JRE is Defective. So I repeat, Do I have any other options other than going back to version 3.X?

The only suggestion I can make is to try and install the Oracle JDK (rather than JRE).

Tried JDK (rather than JRE). Still no go. Where can I download LO 3.x and am tired of fighting 5.x and java! Maybee I should should go to Apache office!

@bikerbrent, all version are available via the download archive.

Gee, Java nag went away with update to version Guess my only real option is to stay with this update until hell freezes over!

Apologies, I’ve found it!

When you choose ToolsOptionsAdvanced, even if only one JRE entry appears, it still has to be selected to be used