JDK installed, still unable to use Base on macOS

Hey everyone
I want to use Base to create a bibliography.
I got the error that says I need to install Java JDK. I followed the instructions here and downloaded JRK here using the “Arm 64 DMG Installer” (because I have M1 on macOS BigSur 11.6)
I quit Libre Office and try again to create a database: the error is still there.
What did I do wrong?

Go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Advanced.
See Java Options.
Is there chosen “Use a Java runtime environment”?
Does this runtime environment appear in the list?

Thanks @RobertG, the option was on but there was nothing in the list.
I’ve actually just found the solution myself.
Turns out I installed the wrong version of LO (for macOS Intel). When I install the right version, (macOS Apple Silicon), it works.