JOpenDocument and LO

Folks, the question I ask about may seem a bit off the wall…but here goes. I have a java application that now needs to output reports to the user. In using JOpenDocument, it appeared to be the answer to the maidens prayers. I built a template from LO and I did so using Calc. Java program creates a series of charts which needs to be imported from a file location to Calc. These charts are not the same for each instance of the user running the java program and the charts are stored in a file location. I need to let Calc know where the charts are, import them to the size (length, width) and where to put them in the spreadsheet (position).

The JOpenDocument java program is quite useful in many ways and is seriously lacking in others. The key advantage is that some users do not have LO or OO or KO and relegated to the user to the use of MS by corporate decree which makes life even more difficult.

I have looked at UNO to do this but it seems that a running LO is needed which if I understand the concept of a running LO, it must be installed on the users platform, what is needed is LO without actually loading LO and thus why JOpenDocument was attractive mechanism to use.

If there was a LO version of JOpenDocument, i’d use that but I haven’t seen a version of that from LibreOffice yet…it would be nice! and with documentation that follows examples.

I have but exhausted all venues to get where I need to go, now that I have stated the problem, the method to insert a png file into Calc by giving the file path would be great solution, and that I can do this within Java by putting into a cell the file location as text. What is the method in which I can accomplish this task? If there is a better idea or way, I’m very much open to suggestions.

PyODF or Perl ?