JRE Required for LibreOffice 5.4

Whenever I try to open LibreOffice, I keep receiving an error message, “JRE Required
LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. Please install a JRE and restart LibreOffice.

The option, ‘Use a Jave runtime environment’ check box under ToolsOptionsAdvancedJave Options is unchecked. Yet, the message keeps coming back even when the checkbox is still unchecked (cleared).

LibreOffice loads and Writer opens. But message repeated every time, for every individual component opened; Writer etc.

What is the role of JRE on LibreOffice, please?

In particual which ‘task’ or tasks require JRE?

Can I get away without installing any JRE and still use LibreOffice successfully? i.e a functional must?

LibreOffice: (What’s the last LO version fully supported by WinVista, please?)

OS: WinVista HomePremium x86 with SP2 and all latest Updates/security fixes.

I don’t think JRE is installed on PC though not quite sure i.e install location.


@DhabarLow, I go out at Window-Vista from a 32-bit operating system. Then you also need LibreOffice with 32-bit. And of course a 32-bit JRE as well.

You will find the system requirements here.

Because of the versions for LibreOffice you can look here.

Instructions how to download and install the JRE can be found here.

Dear ebot,
Thank you for your answers and links.

Do I really need to install JRE (old PC, less install = performance etc)?
Or can I do away with it and still use LibreOffice as normal?


Supposedly such message indicates that some Java or Python extension is used. In older versions, there was a bug that Python extensions, though in reality don’t require Java, still provoked the message.