jump between sheets in LO calc

I am creating a LO document with several sheets. I want to be able to click in a cell and jump to another sheet.
I am not referring to clicking on the sheet names at the bottom, but the equivalent action when clicking in a cell on the sheet.

  • Choose menu View - Navigator (the same that press F5).
  • Unfold Sheets list item.
  • Drag each sheet name to desired cell.

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Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Menu Insert → Hyperlink… (Ctrl+K), in the left bar choose Document and as Target in Document Target enter something like Sheet2.B3 where you want to jump to; leave Document Path empty. You may provide a display text in Further Settings Text.

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OK, this approach didn’t quite work, but I stumbled on one that does.

  1. Select cell to contain Jump Command
  2. Click on Hyperlink
  3. Click on Document
  4. Click on circle icon on right end of target edit field
  5. Click on Sheet arrow to open list of sheet names
  6. Click on Sheet name

this approach didn’t quite work

What exactly didn’t work?

Your method works correctly.

  • Creation of a Hyperlink
  • Click on Document
  • Into target : ‘name of the sheet’.‘cell’
    example : Fusion.b1
    Fusion is a sheet and b1 is a cell of Fusion.
  • Text : the text you would like.
  • Form : you can choose for a button.
    If you don’t pass a cell into target, you go to the sheet at the previous position, if you pass a cell then, you go to the sheet at the specific location.
    The case seems unimportant.
    Do not forget to click on ‘apply’.


The part "enter something like Sheet2.B3 where you want to jump to;” When I did that, nothing happened. Then I noticed the “circle” symbol at the right end and clicked on it. From there, I could select the sheet name.

LeroyG’s method works fine also.