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I installed the “Angry Reviewer” extension and think this will solve a lot of my grammar problems. It generates a page with suggested edits, but that page shows suggestions by paragraph. For example: Paragraph 91. It might be unclear what “This is” points to if the previous phrase was complicated. Rewrite with a more specific subject, e.g. “This value is”. Unfortunately, I do not know how to find paragraph 91 other than simply counting paragraph marks down the document, which is prone to error (and boring). Is there some feature I can activate that would let me jump to a specific paragraph? I checked the navigator, but did not see any way to specify paragraphs. I checked with the “Alternative Find & Replace” extension and could find all the paragraph marks, but no way to jump to a specific paragraph. Is there some way to jump to a specific paragraph?

Edit: I’m using Windows 10 and LO

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Apply a list style with numbers to a copy of your document.

I think this is an integration issue of Angry Reviewer in Writer. You should ask the extension author to modify the extension by adding a bookmark in text and a hyperlink to this bookmark in the comment page.

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