Just a feature suggestion of a layman

Just a feature suggestion of a layman,

I know there are ways of doing all with Macros and regular expressions

But hey would be helpful… and if you don’t ask you don’t get…

Have 3 option menus
Insert/ Remove:
(what) Text,
Page break,
Line break,

Between (not sure how used)

Line Break,
Soft Page Break,
Hard Page break,
Font size (opens another dropdown),
Number ( how many units, specific number, any number),
Page number/s,

(also an option show all, which selects your choice, so all instances can be seen edited manually)

This curiously resembles what styles offer. What is the difference between your suggested macro and a style?

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This board is not intended for posting feature requests. Fact is, the developers don’t visit this place to look for feature requests or bug reports, if they visit at all.Oddly, you do that at the bug tracker.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with 2 ways of doing something, and speed

Plus, plus I don’t think styles cover all the flexibility of this

with this, you could add line break after every uppercase word on 15 pages specific pages

…or add a : after every uppercase word on every page

Or add a bullet point before every uppercase word on any page/s

@Backintimeplease: be careful with feature requests and built a convincing argument.

I agree that an extended Find & Replace is certainly desirable, but don’t use it for changing typographic attributes or other parameters which can be set through styles. Such changes end up in direct formatting and they ruin the flexibility offered by styles. And this will never be accepted by developers.

As an example, consider the so-called table styles which are in fact a set of macros applying direct formatting. These macros may be fired implicitly when you modify the table content and they will erase (or rather override) any cell formatting you previously applied. This is not acceptable.

Hi Floris V Does it need to be deleted?

These are merely some tools intended to help the layman, who works on a large file not created in Libre office

there are many ways to do many things in life, for me this would make it easier

If I was a programmer I would make it myself :))

I suppose what I’m saying is. Having it doesn’t mean it needs to be used, and there are certain times Im guessing it would be helpful for everyone

If the file was not created in LO, there may exist already the needed tools. The easiest case occurs with .txt files or similar. There are very sophisticated utilities to twist, massage and transform text in any ways. The idea is to process casing, insertions, deletions on the raw file. Formatting may be added with markup in a format known to LO. Then the file is imported into Writer.

Does this cover your case?

@Backintimeplease : not at all. But bug reports and feature requests are normally closed on this board.

You can always add these replace options in an extension, convincing somebody to write one might be less trouble than adding the feature to the core of LibreOffice. I have in the past thought to be smart by replacing text with paragraph endings in Word documents, and that often introduced undesired effects on the formatting - in Word, paragraph formatting details are saved in the paragraph mark. I’m not sure how that works in Libre ,but you should be very, very careful with it. I completely agree with ajlittoz on that point.

Floris V, I hear you, and Ajlittoz, I hear you, I have encountered the same problems before too, I am wrong you are right,

However, for me still would be useful

Yes get someone to write an extension, I would too, if any potential person is out there, you could sell them, for sure for £5 each… you’d sell 100,000

just 3 categories of basic menus, I over complicated it above.