Just barely getting started

I must be either tired , old, or both. I have spent the last 30 minutes trying to get here.

What I want to know is where re the default templates, like for Calc, stored so that if I want to modify or save a new one it will be in the right folder?

I am usiing WIndows 11, on an HP laptop.alc


Problem is, John, that that path does not exist in my install. If I am in, say Calc, I have Tools / Options…and then a list of choices, none of which is LibreOffice - Paths.


As far as I know, there is no spreadsheet template shipped with LibreOffice.
Do your customizations.
Save the result via File>Template>Save…
Make the template your default template via File>Template>Manage…
Right-click>“Make Default”
Now File>New Spreadsheet… loads a new document from that template.

That sounds good. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

I do believe that did it! Thanks much!

You’re welcome. You can open a template for editing via File>Template>Edit… or File>Template>Manage… right-click>Edit or clicking “Templates” on the welcome screen and right-click>Edit.
Closing the last document without quitting the application gets you back to the welcome screen. That is File>Close or the little grey “x” button above the last document.

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