Just upgraded to 5.3.6, and it will only print landscape orientation. How change?

Can only get landscape orientation (Libreoffice only; other programs OK). How to change orientation, paper size, etc - i.e. page setup.

Are you using Mac and you have computer at US local settings? If so, search this site, it has quite a few suggestion it this regard. Else you should provide info about you operating system, locale settings. What also is general advice in such questions is to update printer driver. If you just don’t know how to use LibreOffice (newcomer) try documentation

Everything is set to US standards. (I’m not a newbie.) I checked the format: page format dialog box, and it’s set to portrait. When I go into print preview, it shows the doc in portrait orientation. But when I go to “Print” the little image in the upper left shows the page in portrait with the text running vertically as if it were in landscape. Hence all the text does not print on the page. This is a real bug. No other app (Chrome, Pages, the Finder) has this rpoblem.
M Riley

Bug reports should be made to LibreOffice’s bugtracker - Bugzilla, not here. I still don’t know if you use Mac but LO has some problems with page orientation on Macs for some (obsolete) paper size(s). That’s why I asked about US locale but you didn’t answered. Search this site. If you don’t find the answer, provide operating system, LibreOffice version and printer/printer’s driver info as printing in general works and problem is related to your config.