Justified text is really buggy on OS X

I am using LibreOffice Writer for OS X. And the work with the justified text is REALLY buggy! The cursor is displaying totally incorrect, the unwanted padding between letters appears.
In comparison, the Linux-version works fine with justified text (cursor is displayed at the right place and no padding between letters appears).
I see this behavior for more than 3 last years across different versions of OS X and LibreOffice. It would be great, if you fix it!
It is generally a terrible thing that documents looks different in Linux, Windows and OS X versions of LO. Full compatibility of those versions would be great feature of the open document ecosystem, IMHO.

Is this still an issue in 2019?

I do not have OS X, to test on, or I would do a comparison and investigate.


Does text appear incorrectly padded or aligned if you produce a PDF?
What are the result when printing to paper, the same?

It could simply be an issue with how text is displayed in LO Writer. I have seen things look wonky on certain computer displays and programs while using an editor. Once the content is put in a PDF or on print things look perfect.