justify chart titles

Hi, I have just installed LO (fresh) and find that the ability to justify (ie centre) the text in chart headings (Calc). This change appears to be retrospective - all my charts which had centred text have reverted to left justified and I cannot find any way to restore the centre justification. Is this correct or have I missed something?

I have an earlier version so can’t comment on any possible changes. As you describe, it seems as if some default condition has been changed, unintentionally.

In my older version (5.4) each chart can be edited by double clicking on the chart to put it in Edit mode, then click on the title to highlight it, then right-click on the title to bring up a dialog box. Choose Position and Size. The position of the title relative to a Base Point can be adjusted. You could try setting the X-position to zero with a top-center Base Point. Or some non-zero X-position relative to the top-left Base Point.

If you can’t find the cause of the default problem, then I hope this editing facility still exists in your new version and might give you some relief.