Keep list of only 20 numbers but add new number daily.

Want to maintain a list (column) of 20 numbers. But every day add 1 new number from a cell in other sheet. New number in list will be last number and first number will then be deleted. Using Mac OS Big Sur 11.5 , LO .

Please retag your question (and edit it to give more details). You tagged common. There are tables in Writer, Calc and Impress. I doubt you meet this issue in all these applications. You certainly use one of them preferentially. Retag writer, calc or impress and delete common. When done, type at least one space so that the cursor is not in a tag or close to one and press Enter twice to exit retag mode.

Don’t forget to mention LO version and OS name.

So you want a rotating list of the last 20 numbers. Best done with a macro that from the second position moves all one up and then you enter one number at the 20th position. Maybe someone will come up with such macro as answer.

Or, alternately, you remember the last position where you entered a number and enter the new one at next position modulo the list length.