Keep margin after cariage return

Hello !

How to keep margin after a cariage return ? (when the line is too long) ?

That’s what I have :

title [tab] aa aa aa aa aa aa |
aa aa

And what I want :

title [tab] aa aa aa aa aa aa |
            aa aa

Thanks !

PS : I can’t send a pic to show my problem cause I don’t have enough points…

Let’s say you want your text aligned at 3 cm from the left margin. You need to do the following changes, either to the paragraph (direct formatting) or to the paragraph style (if you plan to use this format several times on your document).

  1. On the Tabs tab, define a tab at 3 cm
  2. On the Indents and spacing tab set the “Before text” indent at 3 cm and “First line” at -3 cm (negative value!)

That’s all:

image description

Or you can just use a table without borders :wink: