Keeping bank accounts in Base

I keep all my personal budgets in Calc. I would like to explore using Base instead but can’t find anything relating to design or structure of a database to do such a thing. I envisage keeping transaction records for each bank account with a running bank balance. Can anybody point me to a source of templates, ideas, concept rather than specifics such as how to calculate a field? Thanks

to get an introduction in database setup and more seel link to LO document foundation


Do not think there is much of this available in Base. Here is a link to LO Extensions → Base Extensions.

Did my own from scratch (runs using PostgreSQL) and includes complete budgeting as well as Bank account information. It is written specifically to my wants and needs and would not offer as useful to others. Note this as it is probably the direction most would take - develop to your needs. Design on paper and transfer to Base. Use whatever database suits your needs (except do not use HSQLDB v1.8 embedded - old & has potential problems)

Thanks both. I think I am a bit betwixt and between. I beyond Parsley’s suggestion but not up to Ratslinger’s LOL. I have used split databases so that isn’t a problem but I guess I am probably trying to run before walking. You have at least confirmed my suspicion that there isn’t much out there to help so it’s probably a case of building my knowledge of Base and being patient. Fortunately this is only for fun so time is on my side. Thanks for your help.