Keeping the toggle icon on the navigation panel

Hi guys. A newbie here. I heavily rely on the navigation panel and I am just wondering if there’s any chance for me to keep the toggle icon on the navigation panel?

So originally, I got some sub-headings under (2). When I toggle (2) in the main document, the navigation panel will have the little toggle icon next to (2), and showing me the subheadings in the panel.

However, when I toggle (2) off in the main document, the toggle icon of (2) will just go missing and I wont be able to toggle it on and check the sub-headings under (2) in the navigation panel.

The screenshots are a snapshot of the “Headings” section from the Navigation Panel. “1. Question” is Heading 1 and (1), (2), and (3) are Heading 2.

Do any of you know the fix to this tricky problem? Thanks!

Using MacOS. v 7.5

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 12.07.34

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What do you call “toggling (2) in main document”? Headings are created by applying styles Heading n to them. Since there is no "outline view’ in the document window, I don’t see how you “toggle” any heading. Please describe.

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Do you mean the behaviour shown in the .gif file?


This seems to be a new feature in 7.5.x. I’m still under and have no such function.

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Yes Exactly! I am just wondering if I change the setting and still see the toggle in the navigator even if i have collapsed (2) in the main document?

You should have it.
See Outline Folding in LibreOffice 7.4 Help

When I tick Include sub levels in Outline Folding of Tools>Options, I get your behaviour where toggle in text interact with the Navigator.
If I untick the checkbox, document and Navigator are no longer correlated. This may be what you are looking for but outline paragraphs will always be shown in text.